Monday, July 23, 2007

Go ninja, go.

Alright, Anthony. After committing to post something on my blog before this Wednesday, I found that my scanner no longer wanted to work. Dismayed at the loss of one of my very favorite digital tools, I resorted to my digital camera. I am very unsatisfied with the quality of the images I got. So, I decided to convert a simple sketch of a ninja into something much, much better.

This is what a ninja looks like caught in the middle of being awesome.


Anthony Holden said...

Indeed, ninjas are awesome.
Hey, I thought you were gonna post on Fridrawn...This Friday's topic is the one you chose from last Wednesday's drawing session, super villains as children. I know you've got something kooky in the works, so don't disappoint! By the way, what's all that red stuff in the background behind the ninja? :)
Anyhow, I dig the cartoony style & the huge, inquisitive eyes--cool stuff!

Unknown said...

nice stuff dude, bout time yoou post. ive been waiting like a southern bella for the pumkin pie??? what? anyway nice gesture in the ninja man!! see ya wed!!

Anonymous said...

Still an awesome pic Mr. Keyser! I've got to learn how to do that flash art without a wacom because my resources are that limited... Sweet stuff bro! Keep it cool.